Car chase

Gabriele was kind enough to translate the chase story at for us:
U2 has been envolved in a high speed chasing that could be ended in a serious accident. The movie scene took place on wednesday night, november 22th, in the Rio streets, and it was described for El Foco by a fan who claims to be on the scene. All hapened in a walk that should have been secret, but the band were found out by a missing screw from one of the Mercedes wheels. A group of fans noticed that and started chasing the cars, that were taking Edge, Larry, security and staff. Bono and Adam were at Lapa, a boheme neighborhood in Rio, full of bars. After dinner, Edge and Larry gave autographs for the fans and, when they were returing for the hotel, a Golf and a Fiat Palio, with a group of fans, started to chase the group. It could have happened an accident, because they were at 120 km / h and blocked the way of the security van. One of the bodyguards gave them voice of prison and the fans runned away. People said that they were sorry and everyone came back to the hotel.

Name that baby

After christening their last baby ‘Elijah Bob Patricius Guggi Q Hewson’, fans have been wondering what the new whippersnapper will be called. Today we received a suggestion in the mail: ‘Peter Paul John Gavin Mr T’. What’s your guess?

Bono sings with fans

Andre from Brasil reports that he saw U2 film the video for “Walk On”. The band shot footage in the Museu de Arte Moderna, from 9am till 10pm. When it started to rain at 9.30pm, Andre and 5 friends started singing Summer Rain. Bono stopped the shoot, grabbed a guitar and played and sang the song with them.

It’s all in the hair

Well, you know what they say about men with long hair… According to the Sunday World (Irish tabloid newspaper), Bono’s wife Ali is pregnant again, and due in June.

Which brings to mind a quote from, from an interview with Daniel Lanois:

U2.COM: There

All that you fear

Previously at U2log we featured, what seemed to be, a noticeable comeback of the ‘Bono Mullet’.
Now thanks to Andre and his pictures from Brazil (see previous post), we have more shocking evidence to present. Is this rather embarrassing hairstyle made cool/uncool by many a fashion victim on the trail of a full scale comeback?

At the Copa, Copacabana


Andre of the Ultraviolet U2 Brazilian mailing list and fan club sent us this link to his pictures of U2’s showcase in Brasil last night – with the promise of more goodies later. Yum. He also reports that today Bono will be going to Angra dos Reis, a seaside town in Rio, to buy a ‘big house for the holidays’.

Big THANK YOU to Andre for his photos and information.

Walk on video

From local Rio de Janeiro news: During the interview, the singer, Bono, said the band had changed their minds, and now will shoot the Walk On videoclip in Rio de Janeiro. Yesterday, the band was waiting for the producer and the recording equipment. In the the meantime, they were choosing shoot locations in the city.

We had already defined the clip’s concept, that it should be shot at England. But, as soon as we got here, we thought: “No, this is the place for the video”. Here you have the ideal vibe for a song like Walk On,” said Bono.