image lifted from u2guatamala in return for their deep link to us

Good. Cause they like us. The biggest rock rag in the world makes U2 ‘Band of the Year’ and interviews the band in their latest issue. And to top things off, all the pictures are on line at RS’s website. They’re very ‘do ya wanna be in my gang?’. The Edge looks hard! As in… naff off!

update: read the article here.

“How did the Who end it?” the Edge wonders.

“I don’t know – we didn’t get that far on the album,” Bono points out. “I just want to warn you, Lenny Kravitz will be out there, and he’ll know all the chords.”


Thanks to Andre for a 30 second clip (link removed) of what is supposedly the track ‘Novelty Act’ from the Stuck in a Moment cd single. We can’t vouch for it, so please don’t beat us up if it’s not real.

UPDATE from ‘Mister Caslas’: Sorry guys, this is a MadelynIris outtake. He posted it on the interference board a few weeks ago asking people if they thought it was a U2 outtake before revealing it was actually his. I think he called it Mirror’s Edge or something like that. Great clip nonetheless, just not U2!


We received the following e-mail from someone calling himself ‘Swan’: ESPN (American Sports Station) will be airing Images of the year 2000 on 12/25 at 8:00 Eastern Standard time and at 12/26 8:30 EST. Most of “Walk On” will be used in a wonderful montage edited by me and produced by Andy Tennent.

Pocket Crib

Since our mates over at Hot Press were kind enough to publish our Promo Bono image, we thought we’d return the favour and show you this ‘Pocket Crib’ collage from their latest ‘2001 Annual’. The question is, where exactly did the Edge’s hand end up?

( click to enlarge )

In the same issue of Hot Press you’ll find an interview with Bono by Neil McCormick, in which Bono is quoted saying: “I’ve heard it said that songs and smells are two things that people really can’t forget. So we’ve made an album of smelly songs!” Perhaps they should keep their shoes on in the studio?


Some people were wondering about the 2 versions of Walk On that they saw on the images of the promo sleeve. These are the details:
U2 Walk On – US Interscope 2-track promo CD single featuring Radio Edit 4:23 & Album Version 4:55, custom picture sleeve INTR-10261-2. You can buy a copy of the promo from