MP3 magazine get their facts straight

Straight from lalaland, that is. This month’s magazine (the dead trees version) reviews U2 sites and this is what they write about us:

If it’s U2 news and gossip you’re after, then U2log is an essential destination. Run by a team eagle-eyed fans in Holland, the UK and the USA, the site is updated two or three times a day with the latest rumours and information. There are quotes from newspapers, reprinted articles and links to the best U2 content on the web (the band even let them upload a couple of tracks from the new album). A simple site, but well worth visiting.

1. We’re mainly from Holland/Australia/Ireland. None of our editors are from the UK.
2. We do not reprint articles. We write our own material. This is in fact the strength of
3. We were never given permission by the band to upload their material. Please believe us when we tell you everything we do is WRONG and we’ll go straight to hell for it.
4. Simple? Yeah, we k.i.s.s. you.

But we’re well worth visiting. They got that right.