FROM OUR MAILBOX Dennis writes:

Dennis writes: Have you noticed: Big Girls Are Best” sounds a LOT like one of the songs from the Melbourne soundcheck…same drums and bassline, same tempo…it’s Melbourne #8 in my Real Audio copies–the one where Bono seems to be rapping more than singing. Maybe those Melbournes will actually appear after all.

Michael: Want to see something amazing – go to Ebay and type a search in for U2 Tickets – last time I checked there was 23 Pages (20 persons per page) of scalpers for US Shows.

Sakura: It really honking sucks when you’re a poor, broke college student who is unfortunate enough to barely afford a $45 ticket to the San Jose concert, and you log on to eBay to find two SJ tickets on auction STARTING AT $350. Mindless bastards… and excuse my language. I’m just an angry little fan. 😀 Keep up the good stuff, U2log kicks.

Zally: hi, you have any non-christmas post-cards coming soon ?

We do indeed, Zally, new postcards are available now.