ADAM RAWKS THE BRITS have a good stream and download of Adam Clayton’s interview at the Brits. He takes another shot at explaining General Admission to the masses. ‘We want to put the rock back in it.’ Other than that, he’s aiming for another lifetime achievement award in twenty years time.

VAMPI-AH If you’ve listened to

If you’ve listened to Bono’s acceptance speech at the Brits you may have noticed him callling Chris Blackwell (founder of Island records) a ‘vampire’ in a Jamaican accent. In case you didn’t know… ‘Vampire’ is a song by the great Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry… who was convinced Blackwell was a bloodsucking fiend: “You know, that Chris Blackwell disgusts me, makes me want to vomit. He invited me to the opening of the Compass Point studio in Nassau and there I saw him drink the blood of a freshly killed chicken.” So now you know.