In this week’s Hot Press magazine, Bono talks to Joe Jackson about Irish writer Samuel Beckett, to mark the occasion of ‘Becket on Film’. Nineteen of Becket’s plays were made into movies by directors as prominent as Atom Egoyn, Anthony Minghella, David Mamet and Neil Jordan and starring big name actors such as John Hurt, Jeremy Irons, Alan Rickman, Kirsten Scott Thomas and Michael Gambon.

Bono, who admits to only having watched Jordan’s interpretation of ‘Not I’ says: [ ‘Not I’ ] only shows us a woman’s mouth up-close? What are we supposed to make of that! It is the orifice, the hole, right? And what’s extraordinary about Neil Jordan is that, in an Irish context, he’s one of our only erotic filmmakers. There’s a sensuality even in terms of the film language he sues. And erotic comedy – when it’s not Benny Hill! – is of great interest to me.’

Bono goes on to admit he once sent Becket a copy of ‘The Unforgettable Fire’.