This in today: The video for “Walk On” (as shot in Brasil… or as it turns out, London) is premiering on MTV’s Total Request Live TODAY at 4:00 pm EST.

Missed it? No worries, U2star.com have it captured in Windows Media format.

Lully from Brasil wrote in to say the video aired by MTV today was shot entirely in London and was directed by by Liz Friedlander. An oddly understated (‘we are a no frills band, no REALLY!) affair for such an epic song. Phaser tells us the video was shot on the Thursday and Friday after the Astoria show (according to someone on the PA hiring company).

We like Jeff’s comments: They butchered Walk On! Damnit, they cut out part of the guitar solo, one of the major hooks of the tune. I will proceed to fume and bitch and moan and rant and rave. Then I’ll watch the video 17 more times because I love the band so much.