Regarding a second Slane gig, Justin Somethingsomething said the following on FM104 this morning. The band definitely wants to play a second gig, but there are a few complications, mostly the ruling that got put into place a few years ago that prevents more than one gig a year at Slane Castle’s grounds. This was, at the time, because residents of Slane were unhappy with a two-day event. According to the promoter, having a second Slane gig depends on the people of Slane, whether they will have it or not (deja vu anyone?). If they do get permission, rather than having it directly the day after the first gig, it will more than likely be a week in between. I presume to avoid camping, people hanging around town and all that. According to the promoter, because it’s the last gig on the tour, it should be easy to organise. That is IF they get planning permission to do it in the first place.

Fine Gael, one of Ireland’s political parties, have apparently stated the restriction on having more than one concert at Slane should be reviewed. I’m sure that has nothing to do with polls, upcoming elections and whatnot.