Just a reminder… set lists, reviews, photos are all collected for all to see on our affiliated network site U2tours.com. Go and share your concert story, or read someone elses. Here’s last night’s set list.

U2.com have a great re-cap of the second show, with show designer extraordinaire, Willie Williams, proclaiming: ‘What surprised me most was the emotional level of the show, I expected it to be high but both the first two shows exceeded anything I’ve seen before at a U2 show. I wondered if I should be more careful in implementing the visuals, because we are clearly dealing with emotional plutonium here.’ (WW has seen 638 U2 shows)


Mirrors, mirrors on the web… first of all, 2Coolnet surprise us with footage of Beautiful Day. Walk On can be downloaded from U2 Satellite Television, RTE’s Gerry Ryan and Dave Fanning (real) has some live clips (Irving Plaza?) and very interesting interviews with the band and crew (Sam O’Sullivan, Joe O’Herlihy, Willie Williams, Cathy Owens, Paul McGuinness) prior to the show, another mirror of the Walk On mp3 here and here and here and, um… here. (thanks to everybody sending in their links)

Be sure to check out the McGuinness interview at the end of 2FM’s show. One of the things he reveals is they hope to release 6 singles off the new album.


By now you may have noticed that U2Hotel appears to be down. Either all of you clawing, needy folks have crashed them, or they’re working on an update or somesuch, which will hopefully contain What We’ve All Been Waiting For. In the meantime, if you’re still hard-up for “Walk On,” you might as well go ahead and get it here, but it won’t be up forever, so move fast.

Prior to vanishing into the ether, the Hotel also announced that Boston-area college radio show “Where The Show Has No Name” would be playing an unnamed (how appropriate) track from the Miami show tonight. It might or might not be “Walk On,” so if you’re hankering to possibly hear something new, get yourself over to radio.babson.edu at 8 PM Eastern Standard Time tonight.


Two U2 related articles in the Irish Times on line today: a review of the opening show in Miami, which states the audience was ‘mainly hispanic’ and ‘celebrity free’. We’ll let Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington, Lou Reed, Elvis Costello et al know their celeb status has been revoked. Another article suggest the Foot-and-Mouth crisis in Europe may put a halt to Slane and suggests no decision has been made yet. Other towns in Ireland have offered to host the concert. Mr Finian Joyce of Castlebar, Co Mayo said: “We are ready to go and the plans for the show could start tomorrow.”


Jam! goes to Miami and likes what it sees. Well, most of it. “Unfortunately, the show began to lag in the middle with one-too-many slow-tempoed numbers, like the new songs, Stuck In A Moment You Can’t Get Out Of and In A Little While along with Sweetest Thing — which had never been played live before and should never be again…”