Scratched T-Rex 45s, says Gavin Friday, previous owner of the singles. In the April 25 issue of Irish music magazine Hot Press, Friday speaks about the T-Rex cover Children of the Revolution which he and Bono recorded for the Moulin Rouge soundtrack: “There are two mixes – a “Bohemian” one and a “Hermaphrodite” one which is gay handbag done by a heavy metal band. There are some hysterically high vocals that are going to upset the neighbourhood dogs and a few other surprises that I’ll let you discover for yourself.”

The recording took place shortly before Bono jetted over to Miami for the start of U2’s Elevation tour. “It was a lof of fun,” Friday continues. “T-Rex was always Eddie Cochran hanging out with Phil Spector, so we gatecrashed the party. We recorded it on our own studio, got Biff from Windmill Lane to mix it and that was pretty much that.”

Who’s the bigger Marc Bolan fan, him or Bono?
“The way it worked in the 70s is that I bought all the records and he nicked ’em off me! I’m sure if you checked under his bed there’s a big pile of scratched T Rex 45s belonging to yours truly.”