Yes, it’s Chatty Opening Acts Day at! According to LAUNCH, venerable current U2 opener P J Harvey will launch a solo tour of North America in September. Perhaps those of us who missed her opening for the boys *coughstinkingCorrscough* will be able to catch a show or two. What does she think of U2’s touring extravaganza? Well now, why don’t you (or LAUNCH) ask her?

“I do (have an opinion on it), but I’m not sure I should say it,” she laughs. “You know, I’ve bought many U2 records over the past, and some of their songs I really, really like. They’re delivering a show every night that the audience loves and goes crazy for and makes a lot of people happy.”

Hmmmmmm. What is that expression about the hand, y’know, the one that feeds you? Ah, it’ll come back to us eventually…