No it’s not about the album, that discussion is, like, sooooo yesterday. This is The U2 Pop Culture Database an “ever-expanding database of examples of the world’s greatest band, U2, appearing in works of fiction.” It looks like it could do with a little help, so send in your pop culture U2 references. Off the top of our head… we could add the book ‘American Psycho’ by Brett Easton Ellis in which the main characters go to a U2 gig:

“…the backdrop of the stage turns red and suddenly I get this tremendous surge of feeling, this rush of knowledge and my own heart beats faster because of this and it’s not impossible to believe that an invisible cord attached to Bono has now encircled me and now the audience disappears and the music slows down, gets softer, and it’s just Bono onstage …” (Ellis makes one annoying mistake in his otherwise compelling description… he has Bono wearing sandals.)