You may or may not have heard: a fan called Jonathan held up a sign asking to play piano on Stay three consecutive nights, Milwaukee, Indy and finally on 5/12, the first night at the United Center in Chicago. Bono asked Jonathan if he played well. He then asked Jonathan what key it was in. He answered E-Flat. Bono turned to Edge who confirmed. Bono then said “Come on up”. Jonathan did a great job.


Aussies, you can tune into U2 doing battle against themselves this Friday Night/Saturday morning on the music video program Rage. They will show the Elevation clip sometime between 11:30pm and 11:20am. Not sure of the exact time as yet, but keep checking back here for an up-to-date playlist.

Oh and you’ll also be able to catch the video for Musique vs U2 – New News Dub. A song about war and dislocation from family and loved ones for people who like to party!

*Update – U2’s Top of the Pop’s performance of Elevation will also be shown on ABC TV this Sunday at 5:40pm. Alongside performances by R.E.M, Radiohead and S Club 7.


From Melbourne’s Herald Sun….

U2 which played in outdoor stadiums for it’s last two world tours, will take its live extravanganza indoors when it plays Melbourne this year.

But intimacy with the Irish supergroup comes with a cost. “There is no denying the U2 tour is going into the arena at a very high price,” promotor Michael Coppel said. “But essentially, it’s an 18 truck tour, with 65 people on the road, presenting what could be a stadium production for a lot for acts, indoors.

“Nobody is doing it for philanthropy. Everybody is doing it to cover their costs and income from being musicians.” An official announcement for the tour is expected in the next few weeks.