Fickle, fickle. One minute Bono’s loving up to R.E.M., the next it’s all about Radiohead, Radiohead, Radiohead. Thom, to his credit, seems to be learning His Holiness’ Art Of The Repeated Soundbite, relating this little anecdote to anyone who will listen

Bono said to me, I’ll be on the corner of the bar singing quietly into the mike, while he’s belting it out demanding your attention — that’s right I think… Both U2 and R.E.M. are cool and generous, and have been absolutely supportive of us, and we are very grateful, very, very, very, very lucky.

Both bands’ management claims the relationship is still strictly platonic, but our top-secret sources in the offices of London’s top tabloids have provided us with this candid spy photo that’s sure to cause a stir.

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Poor Mr. Stipe is undoubtedly sitting at home, bawling his eyes out, as Bono’s run off with the latest pretty young thing.


If you’ve been to a recent U2 gig you would have heard that super cool remix of Elevation that opens the show. ‘Cause it’s so darn good, here it is for a limited time. Elevation (influx remix). It can be found on the Elevation CD single that also contains some other very good remixes.


News from Barcelona. Apparently there are some changes to Saturday’s Frock’n’roll bill . Edge won’t accompany Bono, and Mick Jagger’s not going to show up. The event will be at Palau Sant Jordi as planned. (thanks to Lanu)


“It’s almost like I’m going to dominate them in some way. I don’t feel like they’re part of me; they stand between me and something new.” Edge about his kids… no, sorry, his guitars, on “Basically, I don’t play proper guitar” (hat tip:


Rumours are now surfacing regarding the ticket prices for an upcoming Australian leg. From the U2Australia list. A-Class tickets (Golden Circle?) are said to be priced at around $120 Aus. Which isn’t that bad considering the cost of recent tours out here such as Kiss. Furthermore, it’s looking like the Superdome in Sydney will be one of the venues played.


As the boys take a break from the tour, news is slack so we thought we’d have some fun with Do it yourself Big Brother. Just fill in the names of your favourite band and assorted friends… we’d publish our results here, but we’re afraid of the law.


B.P. Fallon, friend of the stars, man of the… um, stars… is streaming radio from his site starting with a U2 special. Currently on air:
1: Welcome to Zoo Radio featuring Bono [1.12]
2: Public Enemy and the Mirrorball Man [5.30]
3: The world’s most glamorous man? [1.49]
4: Two Shots Of Happy, One Shot Of Sad [1.28]