Fickle, fickle. One minute Bono’s loving up to R.E.M., the next it’s all about Radiohead, Radiohead, Radiohead. Thom, to his credit, seems to be learning His Holiness’ Art Of The Repeated Soundbite, relating this little anecdote to anyone who will listen

Bono said to me, I’ll be on the corner of the bar singing quietly into the mike, while he’s belting it out demanding your attention — that’s right I think… Both U2 and R.E.M. are cool and generous, and have been absolutely supportive of us, and we are very grateful, very, very, very, very lucky.

Both bands’ management claims the relationship is still strictly platonic, but our top-secret sources in the offices of London’s top tabloids have provided us with this candid spy photo that’s sure to cause a stir.

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Poor Mr. Stipe is undoubtedly sitting at home, bawling his eyes out, as Bono’s run off with the latest pretty young thing.