BONO ON CHARLIE ROSE have put the audio of Bono’s recent interview on the Charlie Rose show on line: ‘While the light is on us, let’s try and do something with it.’

The joy is waking up in the morning with a melody in your head, and sometimes words half formed that follow on that, and two months later, hearing it on the radio in Tokyo… or Phoenix Arizona. That’s astonishing for me. It is a gift.

U2 Satellite Television has the entire interview in MP3s, 15 parts for easy downloading.


Long time U2 producer, Brian Eno, is being featured over at for his work on a new album. Giving some insight into the creative process involved, he explains the need to find a balance between computers and real live playing. “The basis of computer work is predicated on the idea that only the brain makes decisions and only the index finger does the work. Does one want to make music that draws on one’s whole being–physical, intellectual, emotional, aesthetic, spiritual–or only on a small part of it? I’ve been trying to solve that problem….”


We got some mail from Tracie who pulled up on stage with Bono at 6/19 MSG show: I was wondering if you know of anyone who was fliming that nite or taking pictures. This has been a dream come true & i want to have pictures/video to remember it by. Tracie (


With no word as yet on the go-ahead for a second Slane Gig, Allirelandmusic do give us the date in which a decision will be made. July 17. We then expect that to be followed by another date that will announce the actual date of the gig, which in turn will be followed by a further date that will announce the date of the ticket sales. Ok well, maybe not.


‘Sinpoet’ is writing a book on U2, called ‘From Us to U2. He would like your stories and photos at He’s also put some mp3’s on line for you to peruse. Dig into:
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U2 Satellite Television have got some mp3s from the four nights in Boston.


Ex Virgin Prune, and friend of Bono’s, Guggi will be showing his paintings in New York at the Tony Shafrazi Gallery on 119 Wooster Street New York NY 10012, from the 23rd June to 10th July. You can find selected works from the exhibition on his website: www.Guggi.Com . For a short introduction to Guggi, check out this interview on, in which he talks about meeting Bono, the Virgin Prunes and common objects.