Here are some pictures taken at the Frock and Roll evening. Click on noticias. (thanks to Francesc.)

Lanu reports from Barcelona: “Only Bono and Wyclef Jean performed, all the other artists on the bill cancelled. After a speech by Nelson Mandela, who appeared to the stage accompanied by Bono and Naomi Campbell, there was some modelling. Then Wyclef Jean came up to the stage to play 4 or 5 songs. Then some more modelling, and then Bono.

Our man started his set on his own, playing Bob Dylan’s “I Shall Be Released” on accoustic guitar, followed at the end of the song by Wyclef’s band, consisting of a bassist, a keyboardist and a drummer. Wyclef played the electric guitar and did some vocals. After Dylan’s song, they continued with “One”. I’m not sure the musicians had rehearsed much, the whole set sounded. After “One”, the drummer started playing the beat of “Sunday Bloody Sunday”. I don’t think Bono expected it, because of his reaction. It seemed to me that there was a lot of ‘improvisation’ during the whole set. Bono told the guys to play “Get Up, Stand Up” during “Sunday”, as U2 have been doing in the Elevation Tour.

After that, they left the stage. More models, really beautiful, obviously. Then, at the end, Wyclef Jean went back to the stage to end the show. All the models, or a lot of them, appeared on the stage to sing “Guantanamera”. Wyclef was asking for his “friend Bono” to join, but he did not appear. When he finally did come , he performed a cover of another Bob Marley’s tune with Wyclef: “Redemption Song”, leaving the stage shortly after. This is only my point of view, but I think Bono was a bit upset. Very few people attended the show. There were only about 5,000 people and the Palau St. Jordi capacity was 16,000.

Everybody who was there came to see Bono. Anyway, I think the show didn’t work (the low attendance) because it wasn’t very well organised.”