In the July issue of Computer Arts Magazine, Carl Grinter, MD of Red Post Production talks about making the U2’s Stuck in a Moment video. It was a piece of work the company had to produce in only a couple of days. ‘We had a very short amount of time to do this one. We had to put in the light effects, put in the layers, and we worked 48 hours solid on it.’

‘There tends to be a lot of money in promos. It’s only really bigger artists that attract bigger budgets. So U2 was okay, but it couldn’t run a post production facility for even one day.’ Why do it? ‘If you are working in this industry for along time there are a few things you think would be nice to work on. We were really lucky to work on the U2 promo. People that are milestones in music.

Bono was filmed on a rig a few feet above the ground, creating some weird camera perspectives. Tim Rudgard painted out the rigs and shadows and added post-production moves to enhance the orginals. Paul Dixon used ‘flame’ to carry out the time lapse shots, comping together three separate passes.