As we’ve previously reported, colourful Australian-Irish artist David Egan was inspired to paint by U2’s music and lyrics. Well, his website is now up with several of his prints. His exhibition, Music to Your Eyes, was given the thumbs-up by U2. It opens in Sydney in December this year and in Dublin the following June.

“When I was an art student in Dublin, the sound of U2 was synonymous with the city’s cultural life. Songs from The Joshua Tree or the earlier The Unforgettable Fire could be heard everywhere.

I saw U2 play to a Dublin home crowd and the memory of that concert remains as one of the most inspirational moment’s in my life, as inspirational as the first time I saw Keith Haring work. I still listen to U2, almost every day, as I paint and while listening to their most recent collection of songs I began to formulate plans for a very personal retrospective linking my art to the enormous influence their music has had for me.”