Didn’t we just report this? Ah, but there are new twists afoot. reports another batch of tour details, including specific dates & places and the certain-to-be-distressing news that Elevation may not continue beyond its return to the U.S. They claim their sources are in Principle Management, but if you’re inclined to doubt, we’ll see an official announcement by the end of August.

On the cheerier side, they note that a “special gig” will be held somewhere in the U.S. in mid-October… is this the much-rumored “requests show”?

( We can support’s information. In Cologne a crew member confirmed that although plans ‘kept changing’ NO gigs were planned after the 3rd (USA) leg, as the band are apparently eager to record again. Crew members have in fact already taken on other jobs. However… during the 2nd night in Paris, Bono did tell the Paris audience ‘…nous reviendrons’, meaning ‘we will return’. Of course he didn’t say WHEN. Ed. )