… he goes on and on.

{foto: Marcel van der Steen, click to enlarge}
At the first of three shows in Arnhem, Holland tonight, Bono sang Herman Brood’s ‘When I get home’ a capella, which itself is a cover of Nick Cave’s Right Now I’m A-Roaming.

Because of the size of the venue, a 35,000 capacity football stadium, the band used a bigger ‘heart’ enclosure (about 500 people), and a second enclosure behind that (about 2000 people). The stage seemed to be a bit higher, and a backdrop was used to project images on.

The concert started ‘later’ than planned, because the band had been working on a new video for ‘Stuck in a Moment’ (for the US market) in Berlin. Bono apologised for their tardiness, and for going on, and on, and on, and on about Jubilee 2000.

Introducing ‘Stay’ Bono quipped: ‘The great songs you’re given. The good songs you write yourself. And the crap songs you co-write.’

Bono got a young (8-year-old?) girl on stage during Bad and carried her on his shoulders around the catwalk, then he got the girl’s father up as well. Bono took the girl for a skipping run around the heart.

Listen to U2 playing Sunday Bloody Sunday in Arnhem, including an extended G8 rap and Bono’s a capella rendition of ‘When I get home’.

The last song in the set is dedicated to Anton Corbijn, ‘forever Walk On’.

The concert’s exit out music was not the usual ‘Grace’ but Herman Brood’s cover of ‘My Way.’