ARNHEM III: THANK YOU FOR 3 amazing nights

said Bono, to conclude U2’s series of concerts in the Netherlands. He addressed the crowd in their own language: “Welkom in het land van de Fabeltjeskrant”, referring to a popular children’s tv show after ‘Pride‘ (real audio) had been taken hostage by the crowd: ‘It’s Friday night, we’re gonna go even further… I don’t know how, but I think we’re going there.’

The band played a blistering set, dropping Angel of Harlem at the last minute for ‘Stay’. ‘Kite’ was dedicated to OOR magazine journalist Bert van der Kamp, who has championed the band since the early 80s. Bono talked about going to see Herman Brood’s recent paintings, and said he felt annoyed by people who wondered why he’d praise a junkie, an advertisement for drugs: ‘ It really upsets me, because for fuck’s sake, the guy died. He was obviously not the happiest man in the world, so therefore not a great advertisement for drugs, I think you would agree. We celebrate his genius, his creative talents, his sense of humour.’

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