Dutch newspaper ‘De Telegraaf’ today elaborates on Bono’s visits to the recently deceased Dutch artist Herman Brood’s workshop, before and after his death. Photos illustrate their meeting on Herman’s 50th birthday, and one image is of Herman’s manager Koos holding the litho Brood did of Bono, and his guitar, which Bono played ‘Stuck in a moment’ on when he visited in between U2’s recent Arnhem gigs. The article is written by Holland’s oldest gossip journalist Henk van der Meijden, and typically full of factual errors. (We take the full page article with a large pinch of salt.) It claims Bono said a prayer for Herman in his workshop and that the bond between the two was strong because of their faith. It also mentions the cactus (still in the workshop) Bono gave Herman for his birthday, which is featured in the litho.