British papers applaud U2’s two shows in Manchester. After yesterday’s The Times review, it’s time for The Guardian to heap praise on our boys: [ … ] as the band somehow haul themselves through a two-hour set and Bono’s voice takes up residency at the last chance saloon, the gig becomes a testament to the man’s Herculean determination to go on with the show. The Sun and several Irish newspapers report on Bono dedicating ‘Kite’ to his father.

Our eyewitness at the Manchester gigs reports the following from the front row: “1st night was moderate, bordering on crap.” (Hey, we pull no punches here) “2nd night was much better, Bono burbled “The spirit is in the house” a few times. Unfortunately, they had a lot of sound problems, including B’s mic not working. During the Sweetest Thing he fell into a charming “Turn this fucking piano down” since it was too loud. He kicked the mic stand into the audience out of frustration with the sound.

He talked a bit about Man United and the other one (Man City?) saying “We’re the Dennis Law of rock ‘n’ roll, we play both sides”