Oh how we hate the word ‘exclusive’. But here’s one for ya. RTE TV in Ireland will be airing a documentary about Bono, Gavin Friday and Guggi by film maker Gary Jermyn. Called ‘New York Tumble’ , it will be shown in the week between the first and second Slane gigs. It was filmed in New York, at the time of U2’s gigs coinciding with Guggi’s Manhatten art exhibition. In the documentary Bono, Guggi and Gavin Friday talk about their friendship for the first time.

It features interviews with The Edge, Jim Sheridan and Michael Stipe. Bono is quoted claiming Gavin Friday is ‘the Man who saved With or Without You.’ Apparently, U2 had binned the song and Friday convinced them to go with it.

The title of the documentary refers to Guggi who has turned tumbling and summersaults into an art form.

Filmmaker Gary Jermyn has been a long time friend of Bono’s. He originally translated the Latin lyrics in the song ‘Gloria’ for him.

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