The Gelredome in Arnhem, the Netherlands, where U2 played three gigs earlier this month, sent out a standard letter to anybody who sent in complaints regarding the organisation at the dome. (We rather thought organisation was very good in Arnhem.) At the bottom of the letter, for reasons unknown to us, they added the inscription Bono made in their guestbook:

It all started when ‘King Billy’ William of Orange came to Ireland. With his band of Orangenes to fight in the “battle of the lords” they use all over the radio… Their sound has never been forgotten by fans and critics. That Dutch sound has stayed as influence for all Irish bands … In Gelredome we’re bringing it all back home. …

Either Bono made a few errors writing this, or they couldn’t read his handwriting. Making a wild guess, we suspect that should read ‘Battle of the Boyne, Orangenes = Oranges or Orangemen, and ‘they used to be all over’ .
[ via U2 Vlaanderen mailing list ]