Our woman in Birmingham reports on the first and second Brummie night. Bono said: “So I was sleeping on the floor last night, and it reminded me of this time maybe 15 years ago we went to Berlin, back in the days you still had to go through the wall. We were all sleeping in the back of this van, piled up together… more wet inside than outside, surrounded by these horrible gases from Adam’s ass. Suddenly the doors opened and these two big Alsatians jumped in, like they’d found some drugs or something… but they hadnt found any drugs, they had actually found Adam’s extraordinary arse”

Second night, Bono’s intro to Kite was about his father. “So I was just on the phone with my old man, and I sorta said how useless I felt not being there for him… and he replied ‘Sure, if you’d be home, you’d be useless anyway’. He’s a tough fucker” and then went into Kite.

Elsewhere on the web, fans are expressing concern and support.