“When we were 18, 19 years old, we came to London with our band, we just lived around the corner from here, off Earl’s Court Road, and we were just kids, and now… we have kids. It’s kinda interesting, having kids, it makes you more militant, makes you more angry in a lot of ways with the world, the way it is. It also makes you think about… it helps you get inside the head of your father, maybe. And I didn’t really get on with my old man too well for a lot of my life with him, but I made my peace with him before he died. I’m glad I did. Is this getting a bit Oprah Winfrey? Anyway, he was a really tough, tough Dublin nut, and I would ask him is there anything I can do for him? And he’d just say: ‘Fuck off’. That’s how he used to show affection. He was a really extraordinary kind of a man and I think I got both my voice and my ego from him.” [ listen in real audio ]

Mr Bob Hewson (75), Bono’s father, who died from cancer on Tuesday, will be buried at Old Balgriffin Cemetery following a service at the Church of the Assumption, Howth, (Ireland) today at 1 p.m. [ source: The Irish Times ]

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