It’s fun to check in with alumni of U2 tours. Like looking at old yearbooks. Class of ’93 and ’01 graduate PJ Harvey is back on tour, and is crediting her education playing in front of you guys and girls with making her a better performer:

“It was a really good lesson for me to deal with playing to an audience whose attention you’d lose if you didn’t give 100 percent, 100 percent of the time. I think a U2 audience is different from a PJ Harvey audience, but those nights where I got them to listen were really special nights.” Harvey said that the lessons she learned will be applied to this tour. “I think I’m a lot more outward going in my performance now, that is, I go out to meet the audience rather than wait for them to come halfway to me, which is something that can happen after so long of just playing your own headlining shows.” See, we told you you’d learn a little something, Peej…

The majority of Harvey’s solo dates in the U.S. are now sold out, but why not check with Ticketmaster to see what’s available? Some U2log.com staffers *cough cough* shall be there with bells on.

In other opening act news, Moby’s most recent diary entry states that he has a little surprise for the 80,000 of you who will see him play at Slane on Saturday. Hopefully, it’s not his pet rat.