Slane 1: The biggest homecoming of all

by Pat Lynch

At the end of the day, what is it that makes a good concert great? The venue? The company? The atmosphere? If these are contributing factors then I could not have done much better than my recent trip to London to see two of U2


RTE interactive have a small image of the stage set up at Slane Castle today. The 6 o’clock RTE news reported on the day, Paul McGuinness talks about Bono. (real video)

The band are reported to have rehearsed (old and new songs) extensively in a backroom in Earl’s Court in London and are believed to be viewing Slane as the way to gauge the possibility of touring the album in larger and open air venues.


Just yesterday we reported on a press quote saying that a complete video shoot would be set up at Slane Castle. Now @U2 has caught a little detail that was lying right under our noses: Willie’s Diary makes passing reference to a “webcast” as part of U2’s upcoming fortnight of media blitzkrieg. Can we all put two and two together…?

In typical rock star style, there has been no official announcement, so don’t get your hopes up. Even if it does hold true, we’d best all pray that it doesn’t fall victim to the same traffic snarls that marked Edge’s online chat a little while back…


Rumours abound about more U2 shows in the summer of 2002. While no official word is out, there are ramblings of more, bigger summer outtings in Europe.
Dutch newspaper, De Limburger is reporting that the boys might be elevating the following locations:
London, England – Hyde Park
Paris, France – Stade de France
Amsterdam, Holland – Ajax Arena
Werchter, Belgium – Festival Grounds
Gelsenkirchen, Germany – Arena
Remember kids, no official word has come forth regarding these supposed gigs. Take it for what it’s worth.


“When we were 18, 19 years old, we came to London with our band, we just lived around the corner from here, off Earl’s Court Road, and we were just kids, and now… we have kids. It’s kinda interesting, having kids, it makes you more militant, makes you more angry in a lot of ways with the world, the way it is. It also makes you think about… it helps you get inside the head of your father, maybe. And I didn’t really get on with my old man too well for a lot of my life with him, but I made my peace with him before he died. I’m glad I did. Is this getting a bit Oprah Winfrey? Anyway, he was a really tough, tough Dublin nut, and I would ask him is there anything I can do for him? And he’d just say: ‘Fuck off’. That’s how he used to show affection. He was a really extraordinary kind of a man and I think I got both my voice and my ego from him.” [ listen in real audio ]

Mr Bob Hewson (75), Bono’s father, who died from cancer on Tuesday, will be buried at Old Balgriffin Cemetery following a service at the Church of the Assumption, Howth, (Ireland) today at 1 p.m. [ source: The Irish Times ]

Irish Times coverage of the service.
Irish Independent.
Sydney Morning Herald.
Yahoo News and photos.


Hide me somebody. I am seriously considering screening all phone calls with an answerphone message just saying “No”. U2’s London shows are upon us and the ticket hunters are all over me.

Our well-documented fav’rit, Willie’s Diary, has been updated at, covering the first UK gigs and The Edge’s birthday. Ace.


On September 20, a U2 special will be broadcast on Swedish Television Channel 1.
The upcoming special will contain over 90 minutes of live footage from the Boston Elevation shows as well as exclusive interviews.
U2loggers in Sweden be on the lookout for this beauty!