A Garbage fansite (prosaically named GarbageWeb) has released the dates on which they believe Garbage will open for U2. Combining this with earlier dates reported by, the crack team of detectives (we’re a crafty bunch) has assembled the UNCONFIRMED opening act schedule for Elevation’s third leg.

Oct. 10 – Notre Dame, IN
Oct. 12 – Montreal, PQ
Oct. 13 – Hamilton, ON
Oct. 15 – Chicago, IL *
Oct. 19 – Baltimore, MD

Oct. 24 – New York, NY *
Oct. 30 – Providence, RI *
Nov. 02 – Philadelphia, PA

Nov. 05 – Austin, TX
Nov. 07 – Denver, CO
Nov. 09 – Salt Lake City, UT
Nov. 12 – Los Angeles, CA *
Nov. 15 – Oakland, CA *
Nov. 18 – Las Vegas, NV

As usual, the asterisk denotes a city that’s expected to have additional shows announced. Since the opening acts appear to break down along a solid time table, one can possibly assume (remember, ass out of you and me et cetera) that the additional dates will carry the same opener as the inital one. We remind you again that this is UNCONFIRMED information that was derived from a variety of varying sources. Trust no one.