Mobie @ New Yorkers

What would we do without Moby, eh? He’s rapidly becoming the #1 source on all things U2. His latest update about his, Bono’s and Michael Stipe’s appearance at the Beastie Boys organised ‘New Yorkers against Violence’ gig, tells us exactly what was performed: “I had been concerned that people were going to throw stuff at us because we were performing 2 very quiet and delicate acoustic songs (‘All Tomorrows Parties’ & ‘Helpless) in the middle of what was, ostensibly, a hip-hop concert (and a really good hip-hop concert, with Mos Def, the Neptunes, the Roots, etc). But people didn’t pelt us with garbage, they actually gave us a very rousing reception, which is very much a testament to the open-mindedness of Beastie Boys fans.” We take it that was Neil Young’s Helpless and, of course, the Velvet’s All Tomorrows Parties. According to the NME, Bono walked in halfway through Helpless.

We think for the next appearance of these three tenors, Bono should take off the wig shave his head for that equal opportunities look.


The ever reliable New York Post’s Page Six comes up with a story concerning NYC’s mayor candidate Mark Green who ventured backstage at a U2 concert with a NYPD escorte and was immediately ‘engulfed by a cloud of pot smoke, but he forged ahead anyway. Upon leaving, one detective muttered, “It’s like an opium den in there!”

I was an Irish child

On Tara Tv (Available UK and Ireland on Sky Digital) tonight at 11.05, there is a 30 min programme called @last tv, which has a feature on Peter Rowan, the face on the cover of the Boy and War album covers. Peter Rowan is a younger brother of the more widely known painter Derek Guggi Rowan.

Bono @ New Yorkers against violence

Our reader Brian reports from the second night of the Beastie Boys’ ‘New Yorkers Against Violence’ concert: “Moby and Michael Stipe performed a short acoustic set toward the end of the show (right before the Beastie Boys). They closed with a sweet rendition of “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door” when BONO casually strolled on stage to sing the end. The crowd went nuts. I nearly went unconscious.”

We expect more to appear about the concert at the Beastie Boys website. Other e-mail reports suggest a Velvet Underground cover was sung, and Bono came out carrying a sign that said ‘Helpless’. (thanks Matt)

Head case?

We received the tracklisting of Anthony Stewart Head’s upcoming solo album ‘Music for Elevators’. Head is best known as an actor, and his portrayal of ‘Giles’, the Watcher in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The album contains two hidden tracks, one of which is called ‘Staring at the Sun’. The press release doesn’t provide any information on the track, and whether it is the U2 song of the same name, or not. If anyone can shed light on this…

We’re stll working on the tits

Surfing around we found this interview with U2 on, a German site. It’s from February this year. The (anonymous) interviewer says: ”All that you can’t leave behind didn’t really turn out to be a a typically male album’. Bono answers: ‘That’s right, we discovered our feminine side. We rock, but in a sensitive way. We’re still working on the tits. We missed women. (in the studio. ed.) We invited this pretty florist in the studio. She came to arrange and water the flowers. We ordered flowers, plants and complete trees, just to have this woman visit us once every while. And then we’d say: ‘That’s what a girl looks like, remember?’