Another of Bono’s celebrity pals gives touching insights into his tireless evangelising (generally, it would seem, amongst hairy singers of Irish descent, resident in England.) In The Times Magazine (Sat 29th Sep) Oasis’s Liam Gallagher, to whom Bono dedicated One at Earls Court, reveals the following conversation with Bono:

‘I was going, “You drink and all the rest of it and make millions of pounds, tell me how you pray?” He made tons of sense. Couple of days later, this parcel turned up at my house. A book each for me and Sara. One’s called What’s so amazing about Grace? And the other’s Searching for My Hidden God , or summat. And his dad had just died! How difficult must that be? Takes time out because two people were interested. What a guy. I’m going to have a good read of this book.’

Oasis like to wear their influences on their sleeves. Oasis might be changing.