‘Pretty fucking tight’, that’s what Mr Fred ‘Limp’ Durst, says Bono is, and we shudder to think what he might mean. Durst, sounding like the ultimate fan boy, was commenting on Bono’s contribution to his ‘tight ass’ rawk remix of ‘What’s going on’. The eloquent Mr Durst on his website: ‘Bono from U2’. It’s like, ‘Hello?’ ‘Hello Fred, it’s Bono.’ (Holy shit.) ‘Hey Bono, did you like the track?’ ‘It’s so real! I hope you like what I did in the bridge.’ (He hopes I like what he did?) ‘I’m sure its off the hook…’ (He then plays me his vocals over the phone.) ‘Oh my God Bono, it’s absolutely perfect’. And that it was!! I can’t believe how good that man is.”