For a variety of fascinating reasons, the U2log.com staff are currently scattered around the globe (in some cases, around their own cities) and are frequently unable to reach their usual Internet access. So, you’ll forgive us for playing a quick game of catch-up with the mail that’s come in back at HQ in our absence.

A selection of Notre Dame webcast MP3s, thanks to “Mr. Lemon.”

Here’s an extremely entertaining Misheard U2 Lyrics Site, sent to us by B@rt.

Majid tells us there’s still a chance to get tickets for the Providence shows, via It’s Better Live, a ticket-selling website. It requires a $30 one-year subscription, but Majid reckons it’s probably a better deal than your average ticket tout. You’ll have to make the decision for yourself. Also, we’re a few crucial days behind on this one — tickets went on sale for members today — so we don’t know if they’ll still be available.

And finally, over at U2Daily.com, you can feast your eyes on the webmaster’s brother’s… unusual… birthday cake. Fascinating.