Mobie @ New Yorkers

What would we do without Moby, eh? He’s rapidly becoming the #1 source on all things U2. His latest update about his, Bono’s and Michael Stipe’s appearance at the Beastie Boys organised ‘New Yorkers against Violence’ gig, tells us exactly what was performed: “I had been concerned that people were going to throw stuff at us because we were performing 2 very quiet and delicate acoustic songs (‘All Tomorrows Parties’ & ‘Helpless) in the middle of what was, ostensibly, a hip-hop concert (and a really good hip-hop concert, with Mos Def, the Neptunes, the Roots, etc). But people didn’t pelt us with garbage, they actually gave us a very rousing reception, which is very much a testament to the open-mindedness of Beastie Boys fans.” We take it that was Neil Young’s Helpless and, of course, the Velvet’s All Tomorrows Parties. According to the NME, Bono walked in halfway through Helpless.

We think for the next appearance of these three tenors, Bono should take off the wig shave his head for that equal opportunities look.