The city so nice, they named it twice

Played it thrice. One last time for New York City this evening as the band cracked out a few surprises, the most striking of which was an unbelievably haunting rendition of ‘Please’ performed by Bono and Edge at the tip of the heart while an unidentified fellow backed them up on keyboards (some sites are reporting that it was a fan; I thought I heard Bono say “roadie”) [ update: a fan reports it was good old Bruce Brodie, formerly of Lone Justice, and Maria Mckee collaborator.] During ‘I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For,’ Bono tossed his microphone to a man proposing to his girlfriend. Her response seemed to consist primarily of “Oh my God,” but we think she said yes. And finally, during ‘Walk On’ the band brought out around two dozen New York firefighters and policemen (a la the South Bend show) with Bono marching them around the heart, grinning like a mad piper in a cop hat — and after much cheering and commandeering of the microphone by the various officers, the band stormed into a goofy, dance-party-ready version of ‘Out Of Control’ that made for a surprisingly anthemic closer. The officers remained on stage as the band departed, offering tributes to their fallen comrades.

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Alberto from Mexio reports the following: A local paper in Mexico writes that mexican actress Salma Hayek was almost signed to have the main role on the movie project “The Ground Beneath Her Feet”. It will be Salman Rushdie’s first book to be filmed. At this point in time, the IMDB has no information regarding this project, though in September, Rushdie is reported to have said: “Its been in preproduction for quite some time and that the start of filming continues to be pushed back.

In September 2000 Urban Cinefile reported the film would be directed by Chilean born director Raul Ruiz


U2’s first New York concert since the September 11th attacks was packed with emotion, surprises, and energy. Bono’s voice was raw and cracking, but was still very much up to the task of an impromptu ‘Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door’, played with a female fan named Ruth pulled from the audience to (ably) assist on guitar and sing the closing verse, including a shout-out to the city — not the first and definitely not the last.

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Happy belated birthday to @U2, six years old yesterday, October 23rd. That means they started up on October 23rd, 1995… which makes them pretty darn old by Web standards, possibly one of the oldest U2 fansites. All the best to those who worked to make it a nifty place.


The Edge, LL Cool J, Coldplay’s Chris Martin, Queen Latifah, The Neptunes, and Brian Eno are the newest names added to the rapidly-expanding ‘What’s Going On’ project. The CD will be released in the U.S. on October 30th and now features nine different versions. Brian Eno’s “London Mix” will boast Bono, Edge, and Martin, while The Neptunes’ “This One’s For You” mix features a host of rap stars. These two new mixes are in addition to previously announced versions by Moby, Fred Durst (with vocals by Perry Farrell, Scott Weiland, and others), Junior Vasquez, Mike Mangini (“The Pop Rox Mix”), Mick G, and Jermaine Dupri (the original and R&B versions).