DVD Spoiler

One of our readers sent in some spoilery stuff about the new Elevation DVD. Don’t read ‘more’ if you want to experience the DVD your own way.

Meanwhile, Dutch Radio 3FM are deeplinking to a preview clip of the DVD, and we thought we might too. It’s 1.30 minutes of ‘Elevation’ co-starring the exuberant Hamish Hamilton.

Alain writes: “I just bought the Elevation Tour DVD from Best Buy, and after a finished I discovered that at the end of the making of the DVD documental, on top of dreamchaser logo there is a Bono face as the fly. If you click on the glasses (must hurry because it stays a few seconds, a ? sign shows next to it and new screen flashes. I still haven’t quite found what is to be done next, but after a while I discovered that there are numbers in the pattern, and arrows that call your attention to them, the numbers are 1,9,7 and 6. However after this point I can not find something else. So it would be a nice idea to post this so more people can help solve this “riddle’.”