perfect gentleman

Mick Jagger’s new album GODDESS IN THE DOORWAY (USA/UK) has earned the coveted five stars from Rolling Stone — and not from just any RS editor, but from the magazine’s founder, Jann Wenner. Here’s what he’s got to say about ‘Joy,’ the track Bono performs on…

“Joy,” a rocking, gospel-tinged collaboration with Bono of U2 – and featuring an indelible guitar hook from Pete Townshend – offers a revealing glimpse of what Jagger is seeking: “I looked up to the heavens/And a light is on my face/I never never never/Thought I’d find a state of grace.” The mark of U2 is overt on “Joy,” but the band’s influence subtly courses through the rest of the album; like Bono and company in the last decade, Jagger (along with producers Marti Frederiksen and Matt Clifford) has adapted modern rhythms and contemporary production techniques to his own naturalistic rock & roll ends.

And hey hey: It may seem a truism, but it’s worth noting that he is – along with John Lennon, Van Morrison, Bob Dylan and Bono – one of the great male rock voices of this age.