U2 can get personal

U2 get a lot of press and have hundreds of fan sites devoted to them. But there are other places on the web where they are talked about, such as personal weblogs. We did a quick search on DayPop and came up with a handful of mentions: abe99.com for example, talks about the band in the 11.24 entry:

…this album made me very happy. Like running into an old friend and realizing all you still have in common and being glad that you have the opportunity renew the friendship. And Alison at ilithyia.net seems to be a big fan too. Her site’s motto is ‘Bonnie Blue Bono’.

Hildegarde’s Pointless Blog of Random Stuff talks about High School memories in the 11/29 entry, and quotes Who’s gonna ride your Wild Horses.

Untopia talks about seeing U2 (11/10): … just got back from seeing u2 (how likely are you to catch a band like u2 at a small venue?), and i have to say it was a damn fine show. damn fine. obviously their music translates well to large places.

Not everybody is positive… Glorious Noise reviews Mick Jagger’s album and whimpers: ‘Could somebody just kill Bono?’