Deconstructing It Up Again

Great to see a hefty interview with the whole band in January’s Spin magazine, as previously noted. U2 are characteristically ‘on message’, wheeling out the various mantras of the last twelve months.

But can you, maybe, hear the sound of four men sharpening their axes, preparing for a bigger challenge? To leave behind all that you really thought you couldn’t. For ATYCLB can indeed, it seems, do a little wrong. Bono: ‘The album does lack a bit of some of the things that I think our band does [well], some of the anarchic, slightly abstract things; it might be a little too tightly constructed.’ Adamant that U2’s PR is carefully conceived and impeccably polished, this contributor can’t help feeling this modest snippet belies a turning point. Post Elevation, ALTYCB quietly becomes the past, to make way for something new.

Article and cover image at Thanks as ever.