Shirley they’re not nasty

Shirley Manson of the band Garbage writes in her on line diary: Tonight here in Miami was our last show opening for U2 and indeed the last show of tU2’s entire world tour. It was a very emotional evening all around and mercifully, to add to the occasion we had such a killer show!

The audience seemed to be really up for being entertained so the atmosphere was pretty electric to begin with and when Larry Mullen Jnr.joined us on stage and played the closing song of our set with us which happened to be “Only Happy When it Rains”, the crowd went OFF and just about lifted the roof right up from the stadium. How can I possibly describe what a thrill it was for us to play with him? We were all grinning like village idiots. It’s strange……Duke and I were talking about this the other day………..when you do what we do for a living you find yourself in the priviliged position of meeting all the “stars du jour” and sometimes…….or should I say MOST times, they prove themselves to be horribly, disappointingly NASTY.

The incredible thing about U2 is this:
They are not in the least bit NASTY.
They’re kind, intelligent, funny and down to earth human beings who also happen to retain that aura you want from rockstars…… that quality that sets them slightly apart yet does not distance them from the common man……….. still be capable of creating MAGIC…….. an alternative universe to the one down here.

Tonight after our own set I slipped into “The Heart” to watch the U2 show from start to finish and nearly died of a mixture of embarassment and delight when Bono spotted me three or four songs in,lay down and sang the middle break of “The End of the World” right there infront of me. I just about swooned into a happy death right there and then. [ thanks, Gatz ]