European Rumours

We simply cannot keep up with the many rumours about concerts in Europe next summer. From the dungeons of French car manufacturers Renault comes word that the band are negotiating to play the Stade de France on August 24. Austrian sources report August 12 for Vienna’s Praterstadium. In the latest German issue of Rolling Stone, a tour operator advertising their concert travel promotion mentioned U2 and, when questioned, said ‘yes, but no dates known yet’.

Meanwhile, The Salt Lake Tribune reports SLOC officials are booking entertainment for the summer Olympics, and are apparently ‘wooing’ U2. Woo. However, a spokesman for Interscope has denied the Tribune’s statement that ‘U2 will be in Utah during the Games to perform at a private party.’

(sources: several mailing lists, Didi, Martin, Serge, etc)

… if you’re head is spinning from all this exciting news, go do something simple and vote for U2 at the Rolling Stone site. (via Carlos)

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