Just Another Boy Band Tour

It’s finally official (and unsurprising): Elevation 2001 was the highest-grossing tour of the year, according to Billboard Magazine, schooling N’Sync and the BSB all proper-like and netting $143 million for 113 shows — a bit south of the sensational 200-mil-plus estimates we’d been hearing. U2 were the only act to crack $100mil, though, so that’s certainly saying something… *coughcough$130seatscough* We really must look into this cold that plagues us; we’re always clearing our throats.

U2’s Elevation tour easily emerged as the top-grossing trek, at $143 million from 113 shows on both sides of the Atlantic. The tour felt no affect at the box office from Sept. 11, with dates continuing to sell out even in the weeks following the terrorist attacks on the U.S. Though I’m sure the tragedy in Kansas City will haunt the band for years to come.*

And on one last cynical note, we raise our eyebrow at the notion that Clear Channel Entertainment/SFX, the promoters for Elevation 2001, also produced six of the other tours in the top ten. We looooove Big Brother. Oi Bono, you in the mood to pull a Vedder for us…?

* the only show they didn’t sell out. duh.