Bono on Books

The Hot Press 2002 annual issue features an interview with Bono, and a look into what the good man’s been reading recently. Just the things to spend your Amazon vouchers on:

In his interview with Niall Stokes, Bono talks about 9/11, Drop the Debt, U2 in the studio, family and Slane:
Whatever it was, it wasn’t a concert. It was some sort of sociological event, a sort of gathering of the tribe. But from our point of view it was like a big wedding, with aunties and uncles, fights in the corner, tears at every turn, too much drink taken, and after that then it became a wake. A wedding, and a wake. I was just holding on for dear life.

U2star have a cute picture from the article. More scans at U2star also report that U2 have again been invited to appear at the San Remo festival (they were there in 2000) .