Do you wanna be in my gang?

‘Gangs of New York’ is Martin Scorcese’s new film and U2 are reported to be working on its soundtrack. The film, starring Leonardo di Caprio and Daniel Day-Lewis, has an official website (“site coming soon”) and you can watch a preview on Apple’s trailer site.

A lot of press reports claim that the band is working ‘in Dublin, in a building that once housed a nightclub’ but we believe this could be wrong.

The information was taken from Bono’s interview with Hot Press which was done by phone, from France. Niall Stokes writes: ‘Their engineer Richard Rainey found a run-down, defunct club that he figured they’d get a good sound in – and so it’s proved.’

Bono says: ‘Do you remember a club in O’Connell Street called Slack Alice? Well, that’s what this place is like! But we’re getting some amazing sounds out of it – real punk rock, some really great guitar sounds and some beautiful melodies.’

In other words, it isn’t stated where the club is exactly, it may be France, or London (where Bono was spotted last week), or elsewhere. We think it is unlikely to be in Ireland, as the band apparently have to avoid the country – for tax reasons – till Spring.