Stageco, don’tcha know

Belgian newspaper ‘Gazet van Antwerpen’ reports on U2’s growing plans to tour Europe this summer. They talk to Stageco (a staging company) whose spokesperson, Hedwig Demeyer, says: “We have had a chat and some sort of an option has been taken, but we don’t have an official order yet. But in this business, that hardly ever happens. Typically, the staging company is the last one to be informed. However, in our experience, we’ve learnt that that most rumours and options become reality.”

Regarding the shape of the stage she says: “We haven’t been in touch with a designer, but a few things are already completed. Last year U2 gave open-air concerts in Dublin and Turin — and we are continuing with that concept.”

Stageco, though busy building for the Salt Lake City Olympic games, says very few ‘rock’ work is coming in. Hedwig Demeyer: ‘The Americans are overreacting to the international situation and are afraid to commit. Bono’s brave enough to want to go through with it.’

Read the full (Dutch) article on the Gazet website.

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