Oh, Vienna: Euro dates set?

The Austrian online ticket office www.ticketorder.cc has listed a U2 concert on August 12th in the Austrian capital Vienna. No price as yet.

Further rumours about possible European venues are rampant. Here is a list of places mentioned earlier this week by unidentified sources:

Maine Road, Manchester, England
Roundhay Park, Leeds, England
Hyde Park, London, England
Park De France, Paris, France
Olympic Stadium, Munich, Germany
Mannheim, Germany (open air)
Ajax Arena, Amsterdam, Holland
Feyenoord Stadium, Rotterdam, Holland
Landsdowne Road, Dublin, Ireland
Stadio Delle Alpi, Turin, Italy
Olympic Stadium, Rome, Italy
Botanic Gardens, Belfast, Northern Ireland
Murrayfield, Edinburgh, Scotland
Calderon Stadium, Madrid, Spain
Nou Camp, Barcelona, Spain
Millenium Stadium, Cardiff, Wales

Another source today mentioned Sarajevo and Zagreb.

Please note, these are probably wild speculations.

U2tours.com have piped in with a rumour concerning a British tour: a source with ties to the Notthinghamshire District council tells U2tours.com that U2 has submitted an application for an outdoor concert on the grounds of Wollaton Park on August 17, 2002.

[ source: various, via mailinglists ]