Slate’s David Plotz writes ‘U2 – Their vague majesties of rock’. And doesn’t ‘get’ the lyrics: U2 is perhaps the world’s vaguest band. If a U2 song isn’t written in the first person, it is penned to an unnamed, indistinct “you.” Instead of stories or wordplay, they rely solely on fuzzy imagery. P.e.r.h.a.p.s. w.e. c.a.n. s.p.e.l.l. t.h.i.n.g.s. o.u.t. f.o.r. h.i.m.?

We’d especially like to draw your attention to Mr Plotz’ comment: ‘It is impossible to think about a U2 song.’ Let’s just marvel at that one for a while.
[ … ] And then let it go. Breathe in. Breathe out. We are a leaf in the water. We shall not be moved.


Cute picture, though.
[ thx Elsa ]