Bleedin’ Daylight Bruce features a transcript of an on line chat with singer songwriter Bruce Cockburn (whose lyric ‘Says he’s gonna kick the darkness till it bleeds daylight ‘ Bono poached for God Part II). A fan asks Bruce: I am currently reading the book “Walk On – The Spiritual Journey of U2” In it, the author mentions the faith that you have and the discussions in years past that you have had with Bono regarding the how to show your faith in a materialistic and self-centred rock world. Is this true?

Bruce Cockburn: We’ve had conversations that touched on that but I don’t know if I’d call it discussions. What we mostly did was agree with each other that it was an issue that had to be dealt with.

U2 once recorded Cockburn’s ‘If I was a rocket launcher,’ but didn’t put the song out because ‘it wasn’t as good as his version.’